Q: Why didn’t I see any fairies?

A: Fairies are very shy and private, they can only be spotted if you are really really quiet, perhaps they heard you coming and hid away. Why not leave them a little flower or an acorn to let them know that you visited. Remember don’t touch the doors.

Q: Why can’t I open any of the doors?

A: Fairies use their magic to open the doors, sadly humans are not able to open them, but we can still enjoy the beautiful areas where the fairies live and do our bit to help keep the island clean and tidy (fairies don’t like litter)

Q: Why aren’t there any fairy door at my favourite beach/walk ?

A: We don’t know why fairies pick the places that they do, to build their homes. What we do know is that they don’t like mess and rubbish, if you want to encourage fairies to live in a particular favourite place that you visit often, then make sure it is tidy and litter free. Why not organise a beach clean with your friends?