A warm welcome from the Fairy Trail of Guernsey, a magical adventure made only possible by the kindness of the Fairy Godmother, Fairies and the Little Folk of Guernsey.

We do hope that you enjoy your adventure as we take you on an enchanting journey around our beautiful island. See if you can find all of the fairy doors and discover new places on our lovely island home. 

Don’t forget to follow the map to find out where you can find the fairy doors that we have discovered so far…and go explore. You may not see the fairies as they are very shy and secretive but sometimes you may see something belonging to one of them near their door. It is also important to remember that the doors to and from Fairy Land are only accessible to those who have been granted fairy magic, they can be delicate to our human hands, so please resist the urge to touch or try to open the doors, We would be so sad for a fairy to lose their door to our Island. 

Please keep a special look out and if you see anything, take a photo and post on to our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/lessiaunsmuchis/ or use the hashtags #lessiaunsmuchis #fairytrailguernsey on either instagram or facebook.

Take care when visiting the fairy doors, some of the paths/areas can be a bit uneven under foot, not a problem if you are a fairy, but trickier for us humans! Extra care and common sense when exploring is advised